Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and appreciate the trust you place in us. Based on trust and transparency, in this Privacy Policy we clearly explain who we are, for what purposes we can use your data, how we treat them, with whom we share them, for how long we keep them, as well as the ways to enter into contact us and exercise your rights.

We want you to feel confident that your personal data is safe with us, as we are always committed to protecting your privacy, and we take our responsibilities with regard to the protection of your personal data with great seriousness and commitment.


The use and protection of the Customer's personal data that are under the responsibility of “ÉTÚ - Retrosaria”. comply with EU Regulation 2016/679.

  1. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

The person responsible for processing your personal data is “ÉTÚ - Retrosaria” Marisa Costa Rêgo with NIF 205727891 and headquarters at Rua Álvaro Castelões nº793, 4450-043 Matosinhos - Portugal, responsible for the processing of personal data in compliance with the General Regulation on the Data Protection.
For questions related to the processing of your personal data, we will be available to help you through the following email:

  1. What personal data can we collect?

In this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Data” boils down to a set of information related to you, which allows us to identify you, directly or indirectly. Personal data may include, for example, your name, tax identification number, contact (physical or electronic), transactions and your interactions with us.

“ÉTÚ - Haberdashery” may collect the following personal data:

  1. Customer data – name, address, telephone, e-mail, date of birth, gender and signature;
  2. Customer data – email – when you subscribe to our newsletter;

III. Customer data – name and tax identification number – when purchasing our products or services;

  1. User data with online purchases:
  2. User identification data – name, email, address, tax identification number – when making an online purchase;
  3. Customer data for home deliveries – name, address, postal code, telephone contact, e-mail, purchase details – when requesting home delivery of the purchase made.

VII. Customer data for after-sales services – name, address, postal code, telephone contact, e-mail, purchase details, item warranty – when requesting the repair/repair of an item or making a quality complaint;

VIII. Data from emails or chats for remote contacts – when contacting the Customer support team.

  1. How and why does “ÉTÚ - Retrosaria” use my personal data?

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Marketing – to inform you about news and offers that may be of interest to you;
  2. Transaction management – ​​for issuing invoices for the purchase of goods and services;

III. Home deliveries – so we can deliver your purchases to your home;

  1. Customer support contacts – so that we can provide you with a support service, before, during and after the sale;

  1. How long do we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data for as long as necessary to comply with the law and the objectives in point III. Once the maximum retention period has been reached, your personal data will be anonymized or securely deleted.

The most relevant retention periods are as follows:

  1. Marketing – If you are a customer or subscriber to the Newsletter, we retain your data for 3 years after your last purchase, otherwise the retention period is 1 year, after the last reaction to our communications (e.g. opening an email, between others);
  2. Transaction management – ​​we retain your data for a period of 3 years;

III. Home deliveries – we retain your data for a period of 3 years;

  1. Customer support contacts – the record of your written interactions for 3 years;
  2. Warranties and after-sales support – we retain your data for a period of 3 years;

  1. Who can we share your personal data with?

“ÉTÚ - Retrosaria” may communicate your personal data to third parties, such as service providers, namely companies involved in the process of purchasing and managing billing, transport and storage that help us to provide a good service.

“ÉTÚ - Retrosaria” resorts to subcontracting reputable service providers, who will be able to process Customer data exclusively for the purposes established by us, complying with legal regulations on personal data protection, information security and other applicable regulations. These companies are only provided with the personal data necessary for the provision of the requested services in question.

When required by law, we may have to pass your personal data on to regulatory authorities or third parties, in which case our control over how your data is protected is limited.

  1. How do we protect your personal data?

We have several security measures for the collected information, based on the best national and international practices, in order to protect your personal data, including technological controls, administrative, technical, physical measures and procedures that guarantee the protection of your personal data, preventing the misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure, loss, undue or inadvertent alteration or unauthorized destruction. In terms of information security, we assume the same commitment to continuous improvement that we are guided by in our daily activities.

We highlight the following measures:

  1. Restricted access to your personal data only by those who need it for the purposes we set out above;
  2. Storage and transfer of personal data only in a secure manner;
    III. Protection of information systems through devices that prevent unauthorized access to your personal data;
    IV. Implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity and quality of your personal data;
    V. Permanent monitoring of information systems, with the aim of preventing, detecting and preventing the misuse of your personal data;
    SAW. Redundancy of storage, processing and communication equipment for personal data, to avoid loss of availability.

When required by law, we may have to pass your personal data on to regulatory authorities or third parties, in which case our control over how your data is protected is limited.

  1. Why do we use cookies and how do we guarantee your privacy?

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer or mobile device when you visit websites. Cookies allow us to improve the performance and browsing experience of our users, making it possible to store and retrieve information about their browsing habits in order to customize browsing according to their preferences.

The cookies that “ÉTÚ - Retrosaria” collects do not allow identifying the user, they only store generic information, namely the form and/or place of access and the way in which you use the Websites. Cookies only retain information related to your preferences as a user.
These are the types of Cookies we use at

I .Session cookies: temporary cookies that remain in the browser's cookie file until the website is abandoned, so that no record is left on the user's hard drive. The information collected by these cookies serves to analyze traffic patterns on the site. Session cookies make it possible to improve the content and also the usability of the website.

II. Analysis cookies: These are those that are treated well by us or by third parties, allowing us to quantify the number of users and carry out the measurement and statistical analysis of how users use the service offered. We examine your navigation on our website, with the aim of improving the supply of products or services that we make available to you.

III. Advertising cookies: These are those that are treated well by us or by third parties, allowing us to more effectively manage the offer of advertising spaces that exist on the website, being able to analyze your browsing habits and show you advertising related to your browsing profile.

If you prefer not to allow cookies, you have the possibility to disable cookies in the internet browser (browser) you are using, but you should bear in mind that it may prevent some web pages from being displayed correctly.

All navigation browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies through the selection of advanced browser settings. Cookies can be configured in the “options” or “preferences” menu. You should, however, bear in mind that deactivating cookies may prevent some web services from working properly, which could partially or completely affect your navigation on the website.

  1. How can I exercise my Personal Data Protection Rights?

In certain circumstances, you have the right to access or ask us to:

  1. Additional information about the use we make of your personal data;
  2. Your personal data;

III. That we transmit your personal data that you have provided to us to another entity;

  1. Updating your personal data;
  2. Erasing your personal data;
  3. Not to be subject to individual and automated decisions;

VII. Opposition to the processing of your personal data;

VIII. The limitation of the way in which we use your personal data while correcting them or clarifying any doubts about their content or their use;

  1. The provision of a channel so that you can challenge decisions based on your personal data.

You also have the right to withdraw or change, at any time, the consent you have given us to use your personal data.

The exercise of these rights is exceptional when your personal data are used to safeguard the public interest, namely in cases of detection and prevention of crimes.

To exercise your personal data protection rights or whenever you have any questions about the use we make of your personal data, contact us via email

You can also contact our Data Protection Officer – Data Protection Officer - via email

If you are not satisfied with the way we use your personal data or with our response to your request to exercise your rights, you can file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) – Address: Rua de São Bento, 148 – 3º, 1200-821 Lisboa – Telephone: +351 213928400 – Fax: +351 213976832 – E-mail address: .